Weed Management Under Changing climate

We study the genetic, biology and phenology of endemic and invasive weed species addressing ecological and evolutionary questions in order to improve future weed management 

Newe Ya'ar Research Center, Department of Weed Research and Plant Pathology, Agricultural Research Organization (ARO)

Our research interests are to study the impact of weedy species in agricultural systems. Much of our current research is focused on issues of: invasive weed species, weed control efficacy and herbicide-resistant weeds. We aim to identify key eco-physiological components that may be harnessed to create new integrative and sustainable weed management approaches. 

Key words: Herbicide resistance, Integrated pest management, Invasive weed species


Selected Publications

  1. Matzrafi M, Preston C, Brunharo C (2020). Review: Evolutionary drivers of agricultural adaptation in Lolium spp. Pest Management Science. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1002/ps.6219.

  2. Matzrafi M, Adewale Osipitan O, Ohadi S, Mesgaran MB (2020). Under pressure: Maternal effects promote drought tolerance in progeny seed of Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri). Weed Science. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1017/wsc.2020.75

  3. Matzrafi M, Morran S, Jasieniuk M (2020). Recurrent selection with glufosinate at low rates reduces the susceptibility of a Lolium perenne ssp. multiflorum population to glufosinate. Agronomy 10, 1288.

  4. Neves CJ, Matzrafi M, Thiele M, Lorant A, Mesgaran MB, Stetter MG (2020). Male linked genomic regions determine sex in dioecious Amaranthus palmeri. bioRxiv.

  5. Matzrafi M, Gerson O, Sibony M, Rubin B (2020). Target Site Resistance to Acetolactate Synthase Inhibitors in Diplotaxis erucoides and Erucaria hispanica–Mechanism of Resistance and Response to Alternative Herbicides. Agronomy 10: 471.

  6. Mesgaran MB, Matzrafi M, Ohadi S (2019). Sex lability and dimorphism in diecious Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri). bioRxiv.

  7. Tehranchian P, Nandula VK, Matzrafi M, Jasieniuk M (2019), Multiple herbicide resistance in California Italian ryegrass (Lolium perenne ssp. multiflorum) I: characterization of ALS-inhibiting herbicide resistance. Weed Science. 67:273-280.

  8. Matzrafi M, Brunharo C, Tehranchian P, Hanson BD, Jasieniuk M (2019). Increased temperatures and elevated CO2 levels reduce the sensitivity of Conyza canadensis and Chenopodium album to glyphosate. Scientific Reports. 9:2228.

  9. Matzrafi M (2018). Climate change exacerbates pest damage through reduced pesticide efficacy. Pest Management Science, 75: 9–13.

  10. Matzrafi M, Gerson O, Rubin B, Peleg Z (2017). Different mutations endowing resistance to acetyl-CoA carboxylase inhibitors results in changes in ecological fitness of Lolium rigidum plants. Frontiers in Plant Science. 8:1078.

  11. Matzrafi M, Shaar-Moshe L, Rubin B, Peleg Z (2017). Unraveling the transcriptional basis of temperature-dependent pinoxaden resistance in Brachypodium hybridum. Frontiers in Plant Science. 8:1064.


Open Positions

​We are looking for hard working MSc, PhD and Postdocs, please apply by sending your CV to Dr. Maor Matzrafi.

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