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Weed Management Under Changing climate

We study the genetic, biology and phenology of weeds and invasive plant species addressing ecological and evolutionary questions in order to improve future weed management 

Selected Publications

  1. D Neta, J Abu‐Nassar, D Cafri, N Ezra, I David, I Shtein, M Goldway, Eizenberg H., Matzrafi M. (2024). Ambrosia grayi as a new alien causal species in Israel: plant biology and chemical management. Pest Management Science, Accepted.

  2. Abu-Nassar J., Wallach A., Winkler E., Eizenberg H., Matzrafi M. (2024). Occurrence of Amaranthus palmeri in Israeli agriculture: status of spread and response to glyphosate and trifloxysulfuron. Weed Research, Accepted.

  3. Tanner S., Laor Y., Egozi R., Cohen O., Matzrafi M. (2024). Assessing the weed infestation potential of dredged streambed sediments targeted for reuse in agricultural fields. Science of The Total Environment 907, 168113.

  4. Malka S., Eizenberg H., Matzrafi M. (2023). Variation in seed properties and germination capabilities among populations of the invasive weed Parthenium hysterophorus L.(Asteraceae). Frontiers in Plant Science 14, 1222366

  5. Matzrafi M., Wolberg S., Abu-Nassar J., Zelinger E., Bar E., Lewinsohn E., Shtein I. (2023). Distinctive foliar features and volatile profiles in three Ambrosia species (Asteraceae). Planta 257, 79.

  6. Matzrafi M., Abu-Nassar J., Klap C., Shtarkman M., Smith E., Dombrovsky A. (2023). Solanum elaeagnifolium and S. rostratum as potential hosts of the tomato brown rugose fruit virus. PLOS ONE 18: e0282441.

  7. Abu-Nassar J., Gal S., Shtein I., Distelfeld A., Matzrafi M. (2022). Functional leaf anatomy of the invasive weed Solanum rostratum Dunal. Weed research 62:172–180.

  8. Hübner S. Sisou D., Mandel T., Todesco M., Matzrafi M., Eizenberg H. (2022). Wild sunflower goes viral: citizen science and comparative genomics allow tracking the origin and establishment of invasive sunflower in the Levant. Molecular Ecology 31:2061–2072.

  9. Matzrafi M., Preston C., Brunharo C. (2021). Review: Evolutionary drivers of agricultural adaptation in Lolium spp. Pest Management Science 77:2209-2218.

  10. Matzrafi M., Raz H., Rubin B., Yaacoby T., Eizenberg H. (2021). Distribution and biology of the invasive weed Parthenium hysterophorus L. in Israel. Frontiers in Agronomy doi: 10.3389/fagro.2021.639991.​

  11. Mesgaran M.B., Matzrafi M., Ohadi S. (2021). Sex lability and dimorphism in diecious Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri). Planta 254:17.​

  12. Zohar M, Matzrafi M, Abu-Nassar J, Khoury O, Gaur RZ, Posmanik R (2021). Subcritical water extraction as a circular economy approach to recover energy and agrochemicals from sewage sludge. Journal of Environmental Management,​

  13. Abu-Nassar J and Matzrafi M (2021). Effect of herbicides on the management of the invasive weed Solanum rostratum Dunal (Solanaceae). Plants 10, 284.

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Open Positions

​We are looking for hard working MSc, PhD and Postdocs, please apply by sending your CV to Dr. Maor Matzrafi.

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